Details of Time Out Zagreb's first conference on health and medical tourism

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Further details have been released about the content and aims of Zagreb's Health and Medical Tourism Conference. The conference will take place on Thursday 6 December at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb.

The conference will position Zagreb as the leading destination of Croatian health tourism and medical excellence in the region of Central and South Eastern Europe, detailing its advantages as a health destination, historically, culturally and in terms of its location, technology and prices. Croatia and Zagreb, in particular, holds health and medical services that meet the quality standards of the competitive international health market.

Guests of the conference come from each of the industries concerned in creating the health-tourism product including the health and pharmaceutical industries, hotels and hospitality, insurance services and the media. Specialists concerned with the advancement of the project will be present, including representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, Croatian National Tourist Board, The City of Zagreb Tourist Board, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Employers Association, several airlines and banks, representatives of public health institutions plus owners and managers of private clinics from the fields of dentistry, orthopedics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and transplant surgery. In addition, there will be representatives from the educational fields of tourism and medicine, plus general and specialised media representatives.

The conference will look to address and answer such questions as how Zagreb can extend its appeal and succeed as a destination for health and medical tourism, which industries need to synchronize their participation in the achievements of desired goals, why medical and health tourism has been singled out as the main priority, what messages and lines of communication must the industry use in order to bring medical tourists to Zagreb and Croatia and why in particular is media an important partner in the promotion and selling of capacities in health and medical tourism.

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