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Don't miss it: The Organ Vida Photography Festival starts tomorrow

Catch the fest at Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art and other city venues
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Lara Rasin

The 11th International Photography Festival Organ Vida will be on from September 2 to October 4. It'll be hosted by Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art and other city venues. 

Liza Ambrossio 'Indigo Child'Organ Vida Festival

About the festival

Participating in the festival are 10 specially chosen international photographers, who applied through an open call and were selected by a jury. The international judges were: Christian Siekmeier, Katrina Sluis, Steph Kretowicz, Mirjam Kooiman and Vesna Meštrić.

Wondering about the amazing art that'll be on display? Artists and their exhibits include: Liza Ambrossio's Blood Orange, Martha Frieda Friedel's éclat, Marko Gutić Mižimakov's Cruising the Manifold, Disoriented, Zhao Qian's A Field Guide, Oskar Schmidt's Liquid, Samar Al Summary's Trust Beauty Bank, Indrė Urbonaitė's Flamingos, Moonrise and the Slippers, Emilio Vavarella's Amazon's Stravaganza: A Personal Index of Infinite Consumption, Shelli Weiler's Fabulations, and Alba Zari's THE Y.

Martha Frieda Friedel 'éclat'Organ Vida Festival

This year, the festival's theme is Hesitant Images, with a focus on an image's materiality and underlying representation. Why "hestitant" images? Because photography included in the festival is at a crossroads of fact and fiction; works are simultaneously fake, unreal, and falsified - but also authentic, due to the very real tensions and contradictions of the modern world's digital culture they work to unravel.

Shellie Weiller 'Me and Madeline'Organ Vida Festival

The main exhibitions by the 10 chosen artists will be held at the Novi Zagreb district, in the renowned Museum of Contemporary Art. Three site-specific works will also be part of the festival. Holding exhibitions, apart from the 10 chosen artists, are invited artists Meriem Bennani, Filip Custic and Victoria Sin.

Meriem Bennani will show Mission Teens, a work inspired by teen movies and reality shows. Mission Teens presents the everyday life of students who attend Descartes high school, a French high school in Rabat. Bennani delves into contemporary society and questions of identity, cultural differences, gender, and digital technology.

Filip Custic's exhibition will be crno-bijelo. The Spanish-Croatian artist (born in 1993, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain) intertwines technology and identity in his exhibition, exploring what it means to be human in an increasingly digital society. Custic's works will be presented in two bicolor rooms.

Filip Custic 'Tital del hilo'Organ Vida Festival

Victoria Sin will be showing Narrative Reflections on Looking. Sin (born in 1991, Toronto, Canada) dives into the relationships of power and desire. Femininity, Western beauty ideals, and social construction of gender are among themes Sin's exhibition explores.


Museum of Contemporary Art

  • EXHIBITIONS: Hesitant Images (group exhibition) | Meriem Bennani: Mission Teens | Filip Custic: crno-bijelo | Victoria Sin: Narrative Reflections on Looking 
  • DATES: OPENING 02/09 at 20:00 | EXHIBITION PERIOD 02/09 – 04/10
  • ADDRESS: Avenija Dubrovnik 17, Zagreb

Gallery Karas

  • EXHIBITIONS: Katarina Juričić Orange&Blue: Echo
  • DATES: OPENING 03/09 at 18:00 | EXHIBITION PERIOD 03/09 – 13/09
  • ADDRESS: Kralja Zvonimira 58, Zagreb


  • EXHIBITIONS: Deni Horvatić SCAN
  • DATES: OPENING 03/09 at 20:00 | EXHIBITION PERIOD 03/09 – 17/09
  • ADDRESS: Šubićeva 29, Zagreb
Deni Horvatić 'SKEN'Organ Vida Festival

Gallery Zvonimir

  • EXHIBITIONS: Borders – Verena Blok, Stefanie Zofia Schulz i Marvin Bonheur
  • DATES: OPENING 04/09 at 20:00 | EXHIBITION PERIOD 03/09 – 17/09
  • ADDRESS: Antuna Bauera 33, Zagreb 

Organ Vida's curators are Barbara Gregov, Lovro Japundžić, Klara Petrović, Luja Šimunović and Lea Vene. The associate curator is Vesna Meštrić. The main Festival partner is Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art. Organ Vida is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb's Office for Culture, and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

Katarina Juričić 'Orange&Blue'Organ Vida Festival

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