Fuliranje opens for Advent in Zagreb with world renowned DJs

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The Fuliranje area of Zagreb's Advent city-wide layout opens tomorrow, on Thursday 29 November, and its seasonal festivities kick off with a big musical bang. Two internationally recognised DJs will christen the event area's opening, allowing party people to dance off the chill of Zagreb's early winter evenings. Like the Defected New Year's Eve event will which also take place in the area, both of the opening night parties will be free to attend. The opening party will be helmed by UK DJ Justin Robertson, while NYC DJ and Body & Soul resident Danny Krivit will be in charge of Friday's party.

Early '90s flyer for Circus party featuring Manchester-based residents Mike Pickering, Greg Fenton, Sasha and Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson earned a name for himself as a DJ in the city of Manchester, where he'd moved to study in the late '80s. There, he absorbed the music of the then exploding house music scene, scored a job in the city's famous DJ-supplying eastern Bloc record shop and began DJing at his own nights and, later, alongside fellow Manchester-based students such as the Chemical Brothers and the crew behind the Jockey Slut magazine and Bugged Out night. He has a reputation not only for playing techno and house, but also a wide variety of other styles, particularly Balearic music in his formative years. His current monthly show for Soho Radio, Temple Of Wonders, is an accurately-named and wild-spirited journey through world music, dub reggae and psychedelia, its programming providing a truly hallucinogenic ride.

Body & Soul residents Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit

Having grown up in a musical household, Danny Krivit started DJing in the 1970s. And he has never stopped since. A regular fixture at incredibly popular rollerskating rinks during the start of his career, he would there for many hours each week, honing his technique and keeping on top of music releases at various record stores in his native New York City. In his free time, he would go and check out the other leading DJs on the city's disco circuit, gaining an enviable knowledge from some of the most esteemed names in the history of dance music's evolution. A career as a re-editor of music evolved naturally from his DJing and many unofficial pressings of his re-edit work have become beloved tools for DJs since the '90s. In 1990 Danny Krivit joined Francois Kevorkian and Joe Claussell as the third member of the era-defining Body & Soul residency. The weekly club set a new standard in the NYC club of the day, not least for its sound proficiency and its eclectic soundtrack that was steeped in soul. Clubbers from all over the world made the trip to NYC to visit the club during its tenure as one of the world's hot spots. Krivit continues to play alongside these residents at sporadic Body & Soul specials around the world, as well as fulfilling a busy solo DJ career.

Both opening parties begin at 5pm and run until midnight, with earlier DJ sets being handled by the Big Beaming Brummie himself, Dean 'Sunshine' Smith, plus Nick and Pepi.

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