Don't miss this exhibition of grotesque comic art by Željko Beljan

Written by
Ivor Kruljac

AKC Attack, through its program Galerija Siva, is currently hosting Croatian artist Željko Beljan and his exhibition 'Cartoon Core'. Beljan's work portrays grotesque, vulgar, yet amusing illustrations of famous cartoon characters in situations from his own imagination.

Željko Beljan was born in Vukovar in 1984. Illustration, comics and posters are his passion and in 2016, he began studying animated film and new media at Zagreb's applied arts school. He had his first solo exhibition in Osijek that same year and has been part of several collective exhibitions.

The work that makes up the current exhibition started life as a visual identity for a musical project, Crawander, of which Beljan was a member. 'Someone, but I can't remember who, said that our music sounded like two cartoon characters who'd started a band,' says Beljan. Since then, he decided to label both the band's music and their visuals, as Cartoon Core. Beljan has since further explored this style in posters he has been commissioned to design for Zagreb venues such as Močvara and Vintage Industrial Bar.

The exhibition is open for two more days, Tuesday 20 November and Wednesday 21 November, between the hours of 5pm and 8pm at Galerija Siva, AKC Attack, Ulica Luigija Pierottia 11. On Wednesday, the closing evening of the exhibition, Beljan will introduce his newest musical project Deuce, and will be accompanied by bands Stiffer and Lovro Škiljić's Crne Ruže.

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