Hotel Bellevue celebrates Lošinj's indigenous plantlife with new aromatherapy retreat

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Lošinj Hotels & Villas’ flagship Hotel Bellevue has launched a hands-on aromatherapy workshop retreat, teaching guests about the therapeutic benefits of Lošinj’s fragrant plants. The retreat offers a rare glimpse into the art of essential oil distillation to the extraction of oils to create beautifully scented aromatherapy products to take home. Guests also enjoy detox treatments at the Bellevue Spa Clinic; prepare gourmet delicacies using the finest Mediterranean ingredients; go on hiking expeditions around the island and visit Lošinj’s Garden of Fine Scents. 

The island of Lošinj has long been recognised for its restorative properties. For over 120 years, visitors have enjoyed its Mediterranean microclimate and abundant nature. This reputation owes much to the vision of Croatian Professor and Botanist Ambroz Haračić, who planted over 80,000 Aleppo pines and 500 Avenue trees in the first year of a major afforestation programme in 1886, and 300,000 seedlings every year to follow.

The islands are home to over 1,200 herb species; 939 of these are indigenous, while about 80 were introduced by the islands’ famous globetrotting sailors - including Mexican cacti and agave, Indian figs, Japanese medlar and eucalyptus. 230 of the plant species are noted for their medicinal benefits.

The new four-day retreat encourages guests to harness the therapeutic properties of the island’s natural bounty. The journey begins at local pine forests of Čikat Bay. Back in the gardens of the Bellevue Spa Clinic, participants learn how to prepare the ingredients and extract the oils using an essential oil distilling process to create face creams, body peeling scrubs, facial masks and lip care products to take home. They will also enjoy a detoxifying massage and aromatherapy face treatment using the homemade creams and aromatic oil blends.

The fragrant journey continues into the kitchen with a cookery class using Mediterranean ingredients of herbs and olive oil; an outdoor yoga class and a trip to Lošinj’s Garden of Fine Scents – a nursery of the island’s medicinal herbs.

Hotel Bellevue’s four-day retreat starts from €520 per person, excluding accommodation and food. Hotel Bellevue offers four nights Superior Atrium accommodation from €816 (approx. GBP732) based on two adults sharing on a B&B basis, excluding tax and service.

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