Peasants' Revolt reenactment
Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

Join the peasants’ revolt in Zagorje – with live music and medieval revelry

A major re-enactment of the Croatian-Slovene uprising of 1573 takes place in Donja Stubica this Saturday – and it’s free!

Written by
Jan Bantic

In 1573, on territories forming the modern-day Croatian Zagorje region and part of Slovenia, peasants under the rule of Baron Ferenc Zahy rose up in rebellion against cruel treatment and ever-rising taxes. Led by Matija Gubec, the rebels aimed to abolish feudal holdings and obligations to the Catholic Church, hoping to instal peasant leaders answerable directly to the Holy Roman Emperor. The decisive Battle of Stubica saw the 10,000-strong uprising put down, leading to Gubec’s capture and later execution in 1574.

This Saturday, February 10, a huge re-enactment of this final confrontation is being held in Donja Stubica – a 50-minute drive from Zagreb – along with a packed programme of entertainment and food stalls. At 11am at Jura Stubičanec park, a medieval fair will kick things off, accompanied by Zagorje-based band Grupa Missters providing traditional regional music. Then, at 1pm, the rebellious peasants will begin to assemble before heading off to Stubički Golubovec castle at 1.30pm, ready for their final battle. The main event – the battle itself – will take place outside the castle at 2pm, and promises to be an unmissable spectacle.

Following the reenactment, back at the park, live music takes over. Storm Bluzy Band will warm things up from 3.30pm, while Eurovision 2023 crowd-pleasers Let 3 take the stage at 6pm. Closing things out from 8pm is the folk-traditional Cinkuši musical company.

Admission to all events is free!

Where: Donja Stubica
When: Saturday, February 10
Admission: FREE

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