Beautiful new video shows off Dubrovnik-Neretva County

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Famous for its old city, one of the most popular in Croatia, Dubrovnik is a hugely attractive tourist attraction, its streets brimming with people throughout the extended summer the region experiences. Dubrovnik's streets are, of course, not only well-known to its visitors. The city has famously acted as a backdrop for several famous movies and TV shows, not least Games Of Thrones. But familiar architecture is not the only thing Dubrovnik and the surrounding area has to offer.

In a new video produced by the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, we get to see a lot more to this unique region. Of course, the video shows the impossibly beautiful old city of Dubrovnik itself, with visitors shown enjoying a casual stroll through narrow alleyways and along its old city walls. But it also shows just how varied stay tourists can have here. From exciting adventure sports to relaxing by the tide, the video shows contrasts such as mixing among the throngs of Dubrovnik's visitors, to more solitary and romantic pursuits.

Perhaps the most intriguing section of the video occurs when the camera leaves Dubrovnik and ventures into the much less known Neretva valley area. Its stunning beauty may come as a complete surprise to viewers familiar only with coastal Croatia. The rivers of Neretva are incredibly picturesque, this hinterland region also offering its own ancient monuments and picturesque walks. The famous salt and wine production of the region is shown, both of which tourists are able to visit and, of course, there's a healthy focus on the gastronomy of the whole region. Some of the freshest seafood you could eat is available throughout Dubrovnik-Neretva County and some parts of Neretva itself hold their own dishes which are unique within Croatian cuisine, using rarely seen ingredients such as eel, frogs and snails. Even if such foods don't take your fancy, there are plenty of other mouthwatering treats shown in the video, alongside an imaginative array of options that are bound to hold some surprises.

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