Kino Tuškanac showcases American director Sidney Lumet

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Prolific American director Sidney Lumet is the latest director to receive a retrospective showcase at Zagreb's Kino Tuškanac. He was active as a writer, producer, but mostly as a director for half a century and is credited with playing an integral role in over 50 films, including the classics '12 Angry Men' (1957), 'Dog Day Afternoon' (1975), 'Network' (1976), and 'The Verdict' (1982).

The programme begins on Tuesday 23 April with Lumet's breakthrough feature, the black and white courtroom drama '12 Angry Men'. It continues on Wednesday 24 April with screenings of Cold War drama 'Fail Safe' (1964) and, later, crime drama 'The Offence' (1973).

On Thursday 25 April, Katharine Hepburn and Sir Ralph Richardson star in 'Long Day's Journey Into Night' (1962) and on Friday 26 April, Al Pacino and John Cazale (pictured) star as gay lovers and bank robbers in 'Dog Day Afternoon' (1975). That evening's later screening is Second World War prison drama 'The Hill' (1965).

On Saturday 27 April 27, Rod Steiger and a young Morgan Freeman star in 'The Pawnbroker' (1964) with the day's later screening being Lumet's incredibly well known and highly-praised media satire, 'Network' (1976).

Sunday 28 April 28 is the penultimate evening of the showcase and holds only one film, 'Prince of the City' (1981). This police corruption crime drama was based on a true story. On Monday 29 April, the season comes to a close with 'The Fugitive Kind (1960) as the early screening, followed by 'The Verdict' (1982). The former stars Marlon Brando and features a screenplay written by Tennessee Williams, the latter is another courtroom drama, this time featuring Paul Newman, Jack Warden, James Mason and Charlotte Rampling.

All films begin at 7pm. On the days when two films are shown, the later screening begins at 9pm. All films cost a bargain 20 kuna and 10 kuna for members.

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