Last few days to enjoy Zagreb's vibrant new street art trail

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Time Out contributors

Visitors and locals alike may be surprised to see Zagreb's streets interrupted by a new street art route passing through the city. Renowned French street artists Levalet and Oak Oak are among those adding to the ever-evolving public art project.

From early July, the OKOLO project has initiated some small art installations and urban interventions which prompt a revival of the city spaces they inhabit, transforming them into places where art spontaneously touches the city's everyday life.

Four interventions by renowned French street artist Levalet began the project, which is run with the co-operation of Zagreb city's tourist board. A former art teacher, Levalet is notable for works that interact with the existing environment and with his works in Zagreb he has excelled in these regards. We won't spoil the surprise entirely, but rest assured Levalet has given great consideration to the spaces he has placed his works and, as with much of his earlier work, his Indian ink drawing are humorous, sometimes bordering on the absurd. In contrast, Oak Oak sometimes hides his works or obscures them by working in miniature. Ends this week.

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