Croatian National Theatre
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M+ Group partnership lifts Croatian National Theatre to the next stage

New backing and expertise to transform the experience for audiences at this venerable Zagreb landmark

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PJ Cresswell

The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb has just announced a major new sponsorship with the M+ Group. Currently with 13 bases across south-eastern Europe, this multinational independent contact centre and outsourcer of business process technology is perfectly placed to partner with Zagreb’s most venerable cultural institution in the heart of Croatia’s capital. This has been the prestigious home of theatre, opera and ballet for the best part of two centuries, having evolved from Zagreb’s first theatre in 1834 and granted an ornate landmark building unveiled in the presence of the Emperor Franz Joseph in 1895.

In the modern day, many theatres around Europe and beyond have been cultivating win-win business relationships with the corporate world, allowing them to stage productions of the highest standard, both from an artistic and a technical standpoint.

Croatian National Theatre
Croatian National Theatre

With its innovative business model, the M+ Group has achieved significant growth over the last five years and expanded its operations to the markets of western Europe, providing services to leading global companies. Founded in Croatia in 2007, M+ successfully integrates the dynamic industries of contact centre, information technology and employment services with the aim of solving global challenges in the field of customer support.

Now, thanks to this new agreement said to be worth a total value of 500,000 Croatian kuna, the Zagreb theatre, known by its local acronym of HNK, can look forward to a richer repertoire and a more interactive experience for its audience. With the help of the resources, knowledge and experience of M+ Group, the HNK will be able to offer greater user satisfaction, faster information and notifications, and a better overall service.

HNK intendant Iva Hraste Sočo pointed out the mutual benefits of the new relationship: “The Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the M+ Group share common values. Here at HNK, foreign artists work alongside Croatian ones, making this an international ensemble in which creatives and exceptional people from all over the world are gathered. In the same way, the M+ Group covers the needs of its own users with a diverse international team operating in eight markets. Both the HNK and the M+ Group are proof that it is possible to achieve a regional and international reputation by operating out of Zagreb, therefore M+ has proved to be the best choice for our needs".

Croatian National Theatre
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“M+ has shown in its approach that it is a true philanthropist of the 21st century. Accordingly, this is not about ordinary sponsorship, but about bringing the knowledge and technology of M+ into the field of our own user experience so that the HNK can modernise its relationship with the audience.”

“In accordance with our values, which we bring into our operations every day, we want to support the development of culture and contribute to the community,” said Darko Horvat, President of the M+ Group Management Board. “By investing funds and implementing modern technologies in the operation of the theatre, from the introduction of new communication channels to professional customer support, we will contribute to bringing the HNK closer to everyone, especially the younger audience who always want faster and easier access to information. Of course, there is also a significant financial contribution from our side as part of this partnership”.

“Our goal is to use our knowledge and resources to help other organisations in Croatia, especially artistic and cultural ones,” outlined Horvat. “In the coming months, with our solutions and investments in development, we would like to bring content quality of the HNK closer to European and world standards”.

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