Fresh veggie doorstep delivery
© Markus Spiske

Make the best of your time in, as we support delivery services across Croatia - free of charge, of course

Written by
Anja Mutić
Now more than ever is the time to love local. In our efforts to keep our chin up while hunkering down and supporting local businesses, we'll be running a month-long campaign on delivery services across Croatia designed to keep you well-fed and cared for during these challenging times.

No need to go out panic-buying and hoarding. Whether it's cooked meals from your local restaurant or small producers bringing their delicious edibles to your doorstep, we'll curate and cover the best of delivery services across Croatia.

If you have a delivery service you'd like us to know about, anywhere in Croatia, drop us a line at

Let's lay low, take care of ourselves and make the best of our time in. Onwards and upwards!

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