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Međimurje third graders delighted by teacher's unusual homework assignment

Homework? Delight? Together? Yup, you read that right

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Lara Rasin

Making its rounds on social media is a special 'assignment' given by a teacher from Međimurje to her students. The feel-good 'assignment' was sent to third graders from the village of Nedelišće and it reads:



I will definitely be 'reviewing' this homework so don't you dare skip it! Your task is is: to get all the rest you need, to play, to do all the things that make you happy, to be good to your mom, dad, siblings... Read this message carefully and remember all of nice moments we've had in our class.


"Remember the story I told you the day we met? Maybe not.

I'll remind you. I nicknamed you the little Sailors who are setting sail on a grand ship, which we then called First Grade B, and now it's called Third Grade B.

This ship 'sails' along with its Sailors and Captains. The Sailors are you, dear students, and your parents are the Captains. 

Ships sometimes sail into turbulent and stormy waters, so they must look for a safe harbour to stay in until the sea calms.

Our ship is now docked in a safe harbour. The Captains are looking after their Sailors. 

I'm sure the sea will be calm in no time, so that our ship can set sail again. The Captains will then pass their Sailors back to me, your First Officer, for safe navigation. Your First Officer will take care of her Sailors when they are not near the ship.

Until then, the Sailors must be patient. Their ship and First Officer very eagerly await them.

See the Croatian original:

Social media

Social media

The teacher's message has brought joy to students, their parents and all who have read it.

Happy homeworking to Nedelišće's third graders!

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