Need some fashion inspiration? Check out this awesome summer collection by Croatian label Dioralop

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The fashion duo made up of Maja Merlić and Andreja Bistričić create bold, edgy, unisex designs. Regular participants in the London and Paris fashion weeks, they are noted for using blurry polaroid (‘dioralop’, geddit?) photographs as the basis for their striking prints.

Dioralop latest collection has created waves at Ljubljana Fashion Week. Traditional notions of bright, bold summery colours are thrown out the window with this seasonal collection, replaced by dark shades and their trademark psychedelically-wavy 'spoiled' Polaroid patterns. Lots of slashes, billowing material, raw hems, and a mixture of fabric from cotton drill, wool and waxed cotton plus bespoke brass details created by Maja (who also owns the jewellery brand Mammii) create an excitingly daring collection.

‘I want to make stuff with a statement,’ says Andreja, who interned with Alexander McQueen. ‘You might not like it when you see it but you certainly won’t forget it'.

 All images courtesy of Dioralop / © Jure Makovec

 Dioralop (Vlaška 13, Open 4-8pm Mon-Fri; 11am-2pm Sat.


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