Need to pig out? Slavonian pork restaurant opens in Zagreb city centre

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Time Out contributors

Need to pig out? A new restaurant specialising in dishes made entirely from Black Slavonian Pig has just opened in Zagreb. The new restaurant, Lokal, is located on Teslina, right in the city centre, and on the same site formerly occupied by Duck Fast Bistro.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, offering choices like bacon of Black Slavonian Pig with scrambled eggs or Slavonian breakfast. At lunchtimes, they offer dishes such as black pig burger, bruschettas or pan-fried pigs liver, with alternating daily specials. Reasonable menu prices position the restaurant within the bracket of the best-loved fast food outlets on this busy Zagreb thoroughfare.

Black Slavonian Pig, or fajferica as it is known locally, was first bred on the estate of Count Pfeiffer in Orlovnjak near Osijek at the end of the 19th century. The pig is a cross between the rare breed Berkshire, which offers premium pork with a high-fat content, one of its derivatives, the US-bred and extremely large Poland China and the Large Black Pig, sometimes called the Cornwall Black. All three ancestors are wholly or mostly black-coloured and are prized by chefs for their flavour, which is closer to boar meat in its depth than standard, intensively farmed pork.

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