New fast boat connection launched between Split and the islands of Brač and Hvar

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Time Out contributors

Had too much to drink the night before? Can't remember the exact comments you made to your friends or locals, but think maybe it's a good idea to let the dust settle before you again show your face? That just got a lot easier.

A new boat service has launched which cuts the journey time from Split to island Hvar to just one hour, meaning you can get out of Dodge fast. This new fast ferry halves the journey time of the regular ferry boat, thus making day trips to the island or city much more feasible. You could go and buy some minor gifts for those you fear you may have insulted and return, all sins forgiven, by dinner time.

The Naranča fast ferry, from Krilo shipping company, leaves Split at 9:00am and 4:30pm and from Hvar at 10:40am and 5:50pm daily.

After just 30 minutes, the boat stops off at Milna on Brač before continuing its journey. There is also a separate service operating once a day (except Sunday) between Milna and Split, returning to the island in the evening. 

Boat capacity is just 250, significantly smaller than the regular ferry. While this does mean there's less chance of bumping into anyone you fear you may have insulted the night before, it also means that buying tickets in advance is essential. Tickets are available here, the Tourist Palace near Terminal F restaurant at the start of Split's Riva or from Jadrolinja counters. Happy fast travelling!

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