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Norwegians choose Croatia as second-best vacation country for 2021

By Lara Rasin

Travel company Apollo conducted a survey among its Norwegian customers in March of 2021.

And the Norwegians' hottest holiday spot of choice this year was...

The marvellous Mediterranean!

Croatia and Greece are 2021's holiday hotspots

70% of Norwegians are planning a trip abroad in 2021, Norway Today reported earlier this month. 

Over 80% of the 1500 Norwegians surveyed gave two main reasons wishing to vacation abroad:

  • 1) the sun, and
  • 2) the sea. 

It’s no surprise, then, that Croatia and Greece top their travel wishlists.

This is a list of the most-coveted vacation destinations for Norwegians in 2021:

  1. Crete, Greece
  2. Rhodes, Greece
  3. Parga, Greece
  4. Croatia
  5. Zakynthos, Greece

Local business support key

The majority of survey participants stated that they wish to contribute to small businesses by dining and lodging locally.

For example, many expressed a wish to rent an apartment or a small, family-run hotel accommodation rather than turn to a big, international chain.

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