Pelješac Cellars Open Days lifts the lid on some of Croatia's best wines

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Time Out contributors

The varieties and subtleties of wine made on the southern Croatian peninsula of Pelješac will be revealed this weekend. The 13th annual Pelješac Cellars Open Days will see more than thirty wineries from all of Pelješac open their doors to the public for tours and tastings from Saturday 1-2 December.

The peninsula is particularly famous for producing some of Croatia's finest red wines, with the Plavac variety particularly highly prized. Plavac is a relative of the Zinfandel grape and Croatia produced the best wines of this variety, which are strong in flavour, colour and alcohol and usually come in dry or semi-dry varieties. White wine varieties such as Pošip are also grown on Pelješac.

Pelješac Cellars Open Days open on Saturday 1 December at 11 am in Ston at Kaštija, after which visitors will embark on a tour of the peninsula's wineries with over 30 wineries taking part.

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