Rijeka Carnival 2020
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PHOTOS: Limited 2021 edition of legendary Croatian carnival held in Rijeka

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Lara Rasin

It's the end of February, which is (usually) the month of costumes, krafne (traditional donuts), and festivities galore. The largest carnival in Croatia is that of Rijeka, and locals and tourists alike flock to it each year. 2021 is unfortunately still a little different than previous years - but this epic city's famous carnival and its guests still made an appearance in accordance with epidemiological measures.

Check out some photos of Rijeka's 2021-version carnival below. Each posts has multiple photos so don't miss scrolling through!

Smaller-scale decorations for the 2021 carnival peek out through the fog.

An exhibition of costumes from primary school carnival groups, traditional masks from all over Europe, and previous posters of the Rijeka Carnival was open during February. The city's exhibition was called "Masks before masks". 

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A unique and limited carnival parade was held in Rijeka on February 13.

A few more photos from February 2021 in Rijeka. The city promises a two-week longer carnival for next year!

On the "Masks before masks" exhibition:

"39 years ago, three masquerade groups held the first Rijeka Carnival. Pehlin festari, Halubaj bell ringers and the masquerade group "Lako cemo" enthrone what is today recognized as one of the biggest international carnivals! 🎭"

At the Masks before Masks exhibition, depictions of these three groups from 1982, made by Dibie Host, were on display:

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