Photos of the renovated riviera on the beautiful island of Pag

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Time Out contributors

The riviera (or riva) in the city of Pag, on Pag island, has been renovated. Photos released by the civil engineering company responsible for the works, PGP Zagreb, show the waterside walkway looking resplendent, just in time for the summer season.

In addition to repairing the coastal wall, the company have added two new pontoons to the harbour capable of holding an extra 100 boats to its existing capacity.

Pag is the fifth-largest Croatian island and the one with the longest coastline. It is famous for its salt production, its lamb, wine and cheese and for its lace. The city of Novalja, in the northern part of the island, is perhaps the place on Pag most famous to visitors as it is the site of the famous Zrće Beach and its waterside nightclubs and festivals. But, the city of Pag is actually the biggest on the island and an import port servicing the island's essential tourist industry.

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