Once a site for gladiator fights, the Pula Amphitheatre was built in the 1st century A.D.
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Pula presents Fort Centre as exciting new tourist product

Lara Rasin
Written by
Lara Rasin

During a press conference on November 9, employees of the Pula Tourist Board presented a new project: the Pula Fort Centre – Pula’s Fortification System. The project aims to provide a new and exciting offer for visitors to the city.

On the project's official website, its value is stated as 23,277,260.22 HRK (around 3,097,993.95 EUR), and its date of completion as November 2022. The website states:

"The implementation of a programme of arrangements for integrated-territorial investment (ITI) in cultural heritage began at the end of 2020. It began by integrating different, but linked activities to mobilise and enhance the enormous potential of parts of the city of Pula’s cultural heritage, increase the offering of cultural and educational activities and events primarily for the wellbeing of all residents in the city of Pula area and Istria, and, indirectly, influence the sustainable development of the economy and tourism.

The project activities resulted in significant physical changes to the spaces included in the project, with new, associated service departments and an entirely new potential for numerous development opportunities in various sectors of significance for Pula’s urban area. The project implementation period is 41 months."

The project includes the Fort Centre visitors' centre, the underground Zerostrasse tunnels, and the underground Kaštel fortress.

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