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Pula restaurants unite to feed emergency services

Hospital workers, police and firefighters are fed

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Ivor Kruljac

With all hosting venues currently closed, Gastro Klub Pula has been unable to hold its regular workshops. However, unwilling to sit and wait at home, its famous chef Dragan Jovanović (main picture) thought of the idea to put his culinary skills to good use. He decided he would cook for medical staff. After talking with the head of the local Red Cross, the idea turned to reality. His scheme was expanded to include not only hospital and medical stuff, but also for other essential services working on the frontline like policemen and firefighters.

Pula firefighters

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The initiative to feed 14 medics, 15 police officers and 14 firefighters who operate in Pula on a ten-day-duty was quickly followed by others. Over 20 restaurants in Pula have since decided to donate their services and take turns in cooking over 40 free lunches each day. The restaurants which have so far joined the effort include Qtime Lounge & Bistro Pula, Vita Sana retirement home, restaurant Punkt, Hotel Pula, Villa Stancija Buršić and Stari grad restaurant. By their participation, the restaurants remain operational and staff keep their positions.

Ingredients for the free meals are provided by public donation to the Red Cross. Winemakers Tomaz and Geržinić, Agrokoka (eggs), Alverde (meat) and the Fishing Association of Poreč are some of those who have donated. Pula Red Cross also secures food packages for families in need and supplies local soup kitchens.

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