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Lara Rasin

Seeking the perfect gift or self-care treat? Enter Croatian-made, eco-friendly soaps by Jou jou

Lara Rasin
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Lara Rasin

Jou Jou products are made at the intersection of love for natural handmade products - and love for nature and the environment.

The product range includes splendid soaps, bath bombs, and bath teas made by the Zagreb-based company - and all are sure to delight anyone who gets their hands on them!

These imaginative soaps are always handmade with only the highest quality olive, coconut, rapeseed and castor oils and shea butter - with the addition of clay and plant extracts. At Jou Jou, sustainable soaps are created in small series, right when inspiration hits. As such, each is different and none can be recreated identically. Along with soaps Jou Jou offers a number of unique bath bombs and bath teas to soak in, too. There's something for everyone here - whether you're looking for a calming chamomile tea for the body or an energizing active coconut charcoal soap bar.

One of the best parts about Jou Jou? The unique names and product descriptions! You'll rarely have as much fun shopping as when you're choosing from the likes of:

  • LUMBERJACK soap bar - This soap is robust, outdoorsy and perfect for all those who like daring adventures in the woods. It smells of a coniferous forest with sweet undertones and contains the addition of freshly ground coffee, white clay and nettle powder.
  • MAGIC NIGHT bath tea - The finest combination for a real magical evening. This botanical salt contains Himalayan and sea salt, epsom salt with the addition of ground hibiscus, pink clay and tapioca starch that make a perfect combination. It is also enriched with apricot kernel oil and apricot essential oils.

Needless to say, each individual product is a unique gift, souvenir - or opportunity to treat yourself! - in which a lot of effort, attention and love has been invested.

Plus, you can sleep calmly knowing you use Jou Jou products - and not just because of their ground-lavender-and-white-clay LULLABY soap. Jou Jou is fully biodegradable, natural, vegan, and palm oil free for a clean life and a clear conscience.

Designing and manufacturing each product in Croatia, Jou Jou does not test on animals and uses 100% biodegradable, plastic-free packaging.

For more info head to Jou Jou's Facebook, Instagram, or website.

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