Makarska Riviera
Matko Begović/PIXSELLMakarska Riviera

Snow causes traffic chaos in Croatia

Snow ploughs in Dubrovnik, main highways closed and ferry services cancelled as winter storms create havoc from north to south

Written by
PJ Cresswell

Plunging temperatures and sudden snowstorms have led to hazardous conditions around Croatia, even as far south as Dubrovnik.

In central Dalmatia, a section of the Jadranska magistrala, the main coastal highway, is closed between Pisak and Brela, north of the Makarska Riviera.

Snow ploughs had to be brought out in Dubrovnik, where locals remember the crazy scenes of abandoned vehicles in 2017 – but this time rising temperatures soon left a trail of hailstorms and pavement mush.

Further north, the main highway between Zagreb and Rijeka also had to be closed. There were storm warnings across the Adriatic, forcing cancellations of ferry and catamaran services.

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