Ten stunning places to see spring flowers in Croatia

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Spring is here! The days are growing longer and hotter and the blooms are out to herald springtime. Croatia is blessed with magnificent parks and gardens, and they're at full flower throughout and early May, decorated in a vibrant array of pretty colours. From medieval gardens to historical arboretums, enjoy the fragrant spring air with our guide to the best places to catch the flowers in full bloom.

Roses in Šibenik's Medieval Gardens

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Sunflowers in Karanac

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Bougainvillaea, tulips and daffodils in Zagreb's Botanical Gardens

Poppy fields near Umag

Croatian Iris's along the Adriatic Coast

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Magnolia in Zagreb's city parks

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Mezereum on Papuk

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Marigolds in Zrinjevac

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Wildflowers over Sljeme

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Pretty blooms in Maksimir

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