Beach at Brela, Croatia
© Tatiana Popova

The summer of 2021 is set to break tourism records in Croatia
Written by
Lara Rasin

It seems that Croatia will break its current tourism season record, Forbes reports. 10.5 billion euro were earning in the record-breaking year of 2019 - and 2021 is looking to soar through that ceiling.

So far this year, 90% of 2019's earnings have been reported, with more reports likely to continue coming in. Even at the end of August, visitors (including, at the time of writing, celebrities like Michael Jordan) are still flooding in.

Interestingly, the country - which relies the most on tourism out of any other EU member - has had fewer visitors in 2021 than in 2019. This might be because prices are higher, people are spending more after the 2020 lull in travel, or other factors.

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