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Travelling within, into and out of Croatia, as of May 23, 2020

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Lara Rasin

121 cases of COVID-19 are currently being treated in Croatia. Out of a total of 2243 confirmed cases in the country, 2023 have recovered. Read on to find the latest travel (within, into, and out of Croatia) information as of May 23, 2020. 


Civilian movement restrictions across Croatia 

The following establishments are open. Businesses and venues must act in accordance with given hygiene and sanitation laws - which may vary from establishment to establishment.



* Cultural establishments (museums, theaters, cinemas, libraries, reading rooms)

* Stores selling any type of good - stores with over 10 working hours are required to implement breaks mid-way to ensure disinfection of their interiors

* Individual public space stands selling fruit, vegetables and flowers

* Gas stations

* Kiosks

* Banks

* Post offices

* Marketplace stores and stands

* Hairdressers and beauty salons 

* Public and private healthcare establishments

Restaurants and cafes

* Shopping malls

* National parks and nature parks

* Gatherings of over 40 people 

Stores are closed on Sundays, with the exception of bakeries, kiosks, some pharmacies, and gas stations.

Check individual business and venue websites for specific working hours.

Leaving the house should be still done following rules of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

Public transport restrictions across Croatia 

* Public transport lines (buses, trams trains, cable cars, funiculars) are in function

* Taxis, as they have been throughout the pandemic, continue to function in line with hygienic and sanitary rules

Masks are recommended on public transportation.

Civilian roadway rules across Croatia

Inter-county civilian roadway travel is allowed.

Follow the website of the Croatian Automobile Club, aka HAK (Croatia's equivalent to the USA's AAA or UK's AA) for full traffic information in English here

Sea travel restrictions across Croatia

Inter-county civilian sea travel is allowed.

Find the latest sea travel information from Jadrolinija here.

Follow the website of the Croatian Automobile Club for full ferry traffic information in English here

Ferry and catamaran passengers should purchase tickets online or via mobile application, not in person, when able to.

For air travel information, check directly with airlines

Croatia has nine civilian airports (see list below). Some airports offer information on their pages, but for specific air travel information (flight times, availability, cancellations, delays, refunds), check directly with airlines.

Police and security forces across the country are monitoring institutions, streets and public areas to make sure rules are being followed.


On May 9, Croatia opened its borders to travellers, but many countries have not yet.

Non-Croatian citizens and Croatian citizens travelling outside of Croatia should further consult local governments and embassies directly for full travel and contact information. 

If you are feeling unwell upon or after arrival to Croatia, or have been in contact with anyone affected by COVID-19, call an epidemiologist. A list of epidemiologist health institution contacts by Croatian county can be found here.

Time Out (In) Croatia wishes everyone health, hope, and healing. We will get through this! 

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