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© Marin Ćuk Vurnek

Video: Dolphins and ducks enjoy peaceful beachside swim

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Time Out contributors

It might still be a little too cold to expect to see swimmers on the beach. But, at this time of year, the waterways of Kvarner Bay should be busy with ferries, leisure boats, cargo ships heading in and out of Rijeka and fishermen. Sunday afternoon's noticeable lull in activity seems to have had the effect of coaxing some of the shyest residents onto the shore.

Opatija-based photographer Marin Ćuk Vurnek captured a moment of dolphins and ducks swimming together on his hometown side of the bay. When publishing the video, in which you can see Rijeka's tower blocks in the distance, Marin optimistically suggests that the global quarantine may be helping nature regenerate. It's certainly a rare treat to see these solitary swimmers splashing about in such close proximity to one another.

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