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VIDEO: Goričan Wind Orchestra presents a feel-good rendition of 'Happy'
Written by
Lara Rasin

Goričan Wind Orchestra, founded by like-minded music lovers in 1997, is located in the small Međimurje town of Goričan. Its members range in age from elementary school to adult and they've performed across Croatia, as well as in Slovenia and Hungary. Each year, they put on a Christmas concert for the citizens of Goričan.

Though the orchestra's rehearsals are currently paused, nothing is stopping them from creating music.

They joined in on RTL's newest musical project, which began with an open call on Facebook:

'Our dear creatives, who break the silence of isolation with noise, song, composing, writing, singing and dancing, share your works with us, and we will share them with all of you. The best works will be published on RTL's websites, they'll become part of RTL's online channels, and we will present the most creative performances through our TV shows. We note that this is not a competition, but an opportunity to show how loud Croatia is even when everything around us is quiet'.

The Goričan Wind Orchestra got in on the action with a rendition of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy'.

Watch the video, sure to brighten your day, below.

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