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VIDEO: The little-known winemakers of beautiful Zagreb County

The countryside around Zagreb makes incredible wine

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Despite its reputation as the land of 1000 islands, brilliant beaches and crystal-clear seas, the most-visited tourist destination in Croatia is Zagreb. Yet few who come to the capital city venture beyond its suburbs and into beautiful Zagreb County which surrounds.

Zagreb is famous for having some of the best hotels, restaurants and bars in the country. While dining in a Michelin-recommended eaterie or a 5-star hotel, visitors are guided round the homegrown wine menu by Croatia's greatest sommeliers. You might already know about the rich red wines of south Dalmatia and the sophisticated white wines of Istria and Slavonia, but it usually takes the recommendation of a true expert to discover the wines of Zagreb County. This new video by Zagreb County Tourist Board serves as a brilliant introduction to the wines, the landscape and the welcome you can find there.

Pop a cork at any celebration in Croatia and, if you know anything about wines, the bottle you've just opened comes from Zagreb county. There is simply no argument that this continental part of the country makes the best sparkling wines. Not only that, but it is also in this region that you'll find some of the best preservation of traditional winemaking techniques - avoidance of harmful pesticides and a reliance on organic methods. Some of Croatia's unique grape varieties, such as škrlet, Portugizca plešivice and kraljevine zeline, are also best preserved here.

Zagreb County is one of the best day trips you can make when visiting the Croatian capital, even more so if you like wine. Zagreb County Tourist Board have constructed three 'wine routes' you can take to explore the region and its spectacular offerings. If you're coming to Zagreb at some point in the future, make sure you set aside some time to discover them.

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