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[VIDEO] World Rally Championship kicks off in Zagreb!

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Lara Rasin

The world's best drivers are rallying in Zagreb as we speak!

A first for Croatia

Croatia's capital has become the third stage of this year's World Rally Championship (WRC).

It's the biggest race to ever to be held in the country.

Not only that. but the WRC is also the largest sporting event in general to be held in Croatia this year.

In numbers

Zagreb's edition of the WRC (dubbed the Croatia Rally) will last from Thursday, April 22 to Sunday, April 25. 

During these jam-packed four days, 80 crews made up of 1200 participants total will take to the streets of and around Zagreb.

They'll be covering a grand total of 1285 kilometres of road!

A service park (made up of over 1300 tons of equipment!) has been set up at the Zagreb Fair, where teams of mechanics and drivers take care of the vehicles. The cars were brought over to Croatia in a total of 45 trucks. 

As part of the show, 1 indoor race will take place inside the Zagreb Fair itself. Over 30 judges and volunteers are involved.

The Croatia Rally will be broadcast in 150 countries worldwide; and over 1000 journalists are expected to tune in (along with the 200 foreign reporters that have arrived to cover the event directly from Croatia).

Scenic drives

Along with taking on the unique indoor race, drivers will embark through the lovely landscapes of Zagreb's environs.

With a start in the capital, they'll will continue on through the leafy hills of Samobor, across Mount Medvednica and loop back around after Zagorje, a beautiful region of Croatia above Zagreb.

Where and when to watch

Watch the entire 4-day event live on the official World Rally Championship website here.

The Croatia Rally's grand opening commences at 6PM CET today, with the kickoff location in front of the National and University Library.

Here's a sneak peek:


Ready, get set, go!

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