Viktor Sarić
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Video: Zagreb filmmaker assesses earthquake damage using drone

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Time Out contributors

The earthquake experienced by Zagreb some eight days ago shook buildings, felled masonry and dislodged tiles on many roofs, with older buildings in the city centre being some of the worse hit. With emergency services and building surveyors stretched at this time, some residents have set about assessing the damage themselves. Zagreb-based video maker and cameraman Viktor Sarić has stepped in to help by using his drone.

Viktor can usually be found filming such things as sports events or making breathtaking videos of agricultural work. But, he has put his talents to a different use in order to keep city centre dwellers safe. After being called by a friend to use his drone to look at damage to his friend's building, Viktor subsequently received similar requests from people in other parts of the city. He was happy to help. His compilation video shows the earthquake damage from a unique perspective and his work has prevented people needing to climb ladders in order to check on their buildings.

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