Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Island of Brač
@ Boris KačanZlatni rat beach in Bol, Island of Brač

VIDEOS: Meet the residents of Bol on Brač island

There's more to Bol than the Zlatni rat beach

Written by
Ivor Kruljac

Zlatni rat or the Golden Cape / Golden Horn (pictured) is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia. Extending out into the Adriatic from its position two kilometres west of the town Bol on Brač island, this glistening beach of white pebbles is subject to strong currents that dictate its changing shape. Appearing different on every visit, people never tire of snapping shots, making it one of the most photographed beaches in the country. But, while the town of Bol is proud of this distinct natural attribute, it's also keen to show off its others.

The town places the residents as its highest-valued asset, as seen in a new series of videos made by Bol Tourist Board. It is these 'Boljans' and their efforts who make a visit to the island so special.

In the first video (above) we meet Mira Bodlović and her husband, farmers whose organic produce has supplied the island's restaurants for years.

Nikica Bodlović is an experienced olive grower whose groves help grant the town's landscape such a classically Mediterranean appearance.

Mother and son, Irena and Miran are owners of Konoba Dišpet, a tavern renowned for its traditional food and its use of traditional ingredients.

Pravdan Katić is a fisherman who spends his hours out at sea, his success informing what today's special will be at the local tavern. And there are others too.

Markito Marinković, director of Bol Tourist Board says that the goal of the project is to include the local population in the promotion of Bol. After all, it is their endeavours which make Bol so memorable. It is these residents who welcome and look after you on your stay, so there can be no more honest way of capturing a stay in Bol than by presenting them. Endearing one and all, we wholeheartedly agree.

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