Vis archipelago becomes UNESCO Global Geopark

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Time Out contributors

The set of Croatian islands known as the Vis archipelago has this week been designated officially as a UNESCO Global Geopark. Having applied for the official status in 2017, the islands were officially recognised this week thanks to their significant geological and geomorphological importance.

The islands of Jabuka, Brusnik, Biševo and Palagruža within the archipelago are geologically the oldest of the Adriatic. Their geological and geomorphological properties have contributed in allowing a great biodiversity to develop on and around the islands which, coupled with their stunning, picturesque landscapes, is hugely appealing to tourists.

The archipelago also holds some of Croatia's most beautiful caves, including the Blue cave, Medvidina cave and the caves on the island of Ravnik. The new UNESCO status will raise awareness of unique geological and geomorphological properties of the islands and help protect their geotouirst potential.

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