Zagreb's new '80s museum recreates a Yugoslavian apartment

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Time Out contributors

Zagreb’s newest museum recreates an entire '80s apartment and shows us how the city looked back in the days of Yugoslavia. This time warp will have you scratching your head over at brick-like phones and lurid orange hairdryers could ever have looked modern - at least the red Tomos moped retains some of its cultural cool. Billed as an interactive museum, you needn’t worry about picking things up and having a root around, or getting into the yellow ‘micro car’ for a photo op.

Things to look out for include the Commodore 64, the world's first popular home computer released in 1982, a bulky 18-inch black and white television, and old issues of Erotika magazine (ahem) stashed away in the museum. The nuclear ‘educational materials’ left around the apartment, written so that civilians would be prepared for a worst-case scenario, are particularly chilling, and remind us that the 80s wasn't all silly outfits and catchy tunes. 

The new museum is tucked away in Zagreb’s Upper Town at 34 Radiceva street, one of the city's oldest streets, and includes a collection that has been largely donated by city locals. So if you have any bits of 80s nostalgia lying around the house feel free to bring them in.

Entrance for adults is 40kn. For more information on opening times and a full programme of events go to the museum website.

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