Bagel & Lobster Barr

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3 out of 5 stars
Bagel & Lobster Barr
© Bojan-Haron Markicevic

When does fast food stop being fast food? When it hits a certain high level of quality? When it exceeds a certain price? When it's lobster?

The food in Bagel & Lobster Barr does arrive very quickly, served to go or while you sit on high chairs, at pretty cramped tables. But, depending on what you order, the quality here is so good you hardly associate it with being fast food. Although you can pay for the privilege of not doing so.

Bagels and lobster together is a weird concept. It's not burgers and lobster, it's not surf and turf. You can tell it's a weird combo by the fact that Bagel & Lobster Barr don't actually offer a lobster bagel. Bagels come in mozzarella, chicken, salmon, roast beef and pork options which, between 30-56 kuna, are quite reasonably priced, although the bagels themselves lack that authentic chewiness found in the standard Jewish bakery version. Salads are available as a side, 15-25 kuna or as a main, 25-42 kuna.

Then there's the lobster, who minutes earlier may have been swimming in the tank behind the service area. Grilled lobster is served with a Hollandaise and lemon sauce, fries and salad or you can go for croquettes made from lobster, rice semolina and mozzarella, served with Japanese mayo, fries and salad. Each lobster option is considerably more expensive than their bagel counterparts.

The fries here are truly amazing, triple cooked to ensure a fluffy inside and a hard, crunchy outer. The Japanese mayo is a good thought too, this milder version not overpowering the lobster. Of the three rolls they offer, including shrimp and tuna, each are served on a delightful brioche bun, with lobster being the best. And at 95 kuna for a sandwich with fries and a small salad, it should be.

Alongside the quality of cooking and ingredients, you can tell from the appearance of several great craft beer options on the menu that some thought has gone into this venture. When you learn that one of them is no longer available and discover the other to be cloudy beyond safe consumption, you start to question whether their initial enthusiasm may have waned. Still, beer is perhaps the least thing to concern the lunchtime take away crowd who supply most of the trade here.


Venue name: Bagel & Lobster Barr
Address: Jurišićeva 2a
Opening hours: 8.30am-11pm Mon-Sat
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