Gastro Mare


This is a top-notch restaurant patronised mostly by yachters. Here, they have at their disposal 11 moorings of 3 metres deep and, close by, succulent, slow-food cuisine at Gastro Mare. The menu changes on a daily basis, depending on what was grown in the garden and what was caught in the sea. Spring is the season of oysters and wild asparagus, summer of fish and lobster. There is always a decent piece of lamb for those who find dusky grouper carpaccio on aromatised sea stone too exotic. If fish is your thing, however, then the brodetto here is prepared according to the family recipe of the chef’s father Baldo.


Venue name: Gastro Mare
Address: Kobaš 4

Opening hours: May-Oct 10am-midnight daily
Price: 150kn-180kn