Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant

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4 out of 5 stars
Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant
Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant
Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant

Known as a national restaurant, which means it prepares classic Croatian dishes in an age-old way, Konavoski Dvori beckons taxis full of visitors and intrepid travellers keen on discovering an authentic experience some 30km from Dubrovnik, past the airport towards Montenegro. This is Konavle, a hilly region of small, traditional villages such as Gruda, close to Konavoski Dvori. Set in lush greenery beside the swift-flowing Ljuta and its watermill, Konavoski Dvori is the place to come for dishes ispod peke, slow-cooked in hot embers under a bell-shaped lid, or peka. Star of this culinary delight is usually lamb or octopus, though those with smaller appetites can order trout, fished from the pond alongside. All is impeccably served by English-speaking waitstaff in folksy costume.


Venue name: Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant
Address: Ljuta bb
Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily
Price: Mains 98-185kn
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