Konoba Dalmatino

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4 out of 5 stars
Konoba Dalmatino
Konoba Dalmatino
Konoba Dalmatino
Konoba Dalmatino

For traditional food, served with finesse, and with a reasonable price tag, Dalmatino takes some beating. It's located in an old house that has been renovated to show the original stonework at its exposed best. The menu is as straightforwardly Dalmatian as the name of the restaurant, featuring plenty of local fish and fowl, although a lot of creativity has gone into the details – grilled fish might be served with a colour-coordinated array of Mediterranean vegetables instead of the usual blitva. A lot of effort goes into the desserts – for some, it's the Dalmatino cheesecake that deserves the superlatives; others swear by the chocolate mousse. The place is run by a South African of Korčulan descent, so it's no surprise that the wine list veers enthusiastically towards the fine whites from that island.


Venue name: Konoba Dalmatino
Address: Miha Pracata 6
Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily
Transport: All buses to Old Town
Price: Mains 88-398kn
Static map showing venue location