Konoba Stončica

Restaurants, Mediterranean Vis Island
3 out of 5 stars
Restoran  Stončica
Restoran  Stončica

This is Croatia as it should be: a sandy bay, somebody’s house overlooking it, the only one of ten there. A few tables are placed randomly outside, perhaps five paces from the sea. At them are sat regulars necking drinks and awaiting a plate of the usual: grilled sardines which have been skewered, ungutted, then sizzled on an open grill. Other dishes are available, all from the canon of Dalmatian favourites. Incongruously, a gaggle of jolly yachters may interrupt this timeless Adriatic tableau with demands for ‘pints of beer’ in plummy accents before sitting back to enjoy the experience as much as anyone.


Venue name: Konoba Stončica
Address: Stončica 1
Opening hours: Mar-Oct 1pm-11pm daily
Price: Mains 80-140kn
Static map showing venue location