Primorska Konoba

Restaurants, Mediterranean Rijeka
4 out of 5 stars
Primorska Konoba
© Vedran Karuža /Time Out Croatia
Primorska Konoba
© Vedran Karuža /Time Out Croatia

The ‘Coastal Inn’ goes for the rustic look inside, with checked tablecloths and domestic nick-nacks aplenty; however, it’s the chic glass-enclosed terrace hovering above an animated Old-Town corner that makes this such a good place to be at lunchtime. The other attraction is, of course, the food: mainly traditional stuff reinvented for the requirements of today’s breezy urban eater. Many of the things listed as marende (‘elevenses’) actually function as light lunches, particularly the traditional barley-and-bean stew known as jota. Home-made pasta choices such as hand-rolled cigar-shaped pljukanci with mushrooms or tagliatelle with prawns (both hovering in the70kn zone) will fill a gap with tasty aplomb, while squid stuffed with cheese and rice, sploshed liberally with a tangy tomato sauce, is a stand-out among the mains.


Venue name: Primorska Konoba
Address: Krojačka 1
Opening hours: 9am-11pm Mon-Sat
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