Zagreb's awesome restaurants: Where to nourish your body and soul

Zagreb's culinary scene is internationally renowned

Pod Zidom Bistro & Wine Bar
© Pod Zidom Bistro & Wine Bar

With one Michelin-starred, 12 Michelin-recommended, and three Gault&Millau-awarded restaurants in 2020, Zagreb's culinary scene is internationally renowned.

Whether you’re a passionate connoisseur or just an occasional foodie, this list of some of Zagreb’s best restaurants has got your tastebuds covered. Not to mention, as part of your health tourism visit, they'll make sure your body is nourished and satisfied too!


If you're looking for a friendly vibe paired with upstage Zagreb classics, Ficlek should be your first stop. Ficlek's name comes from old Zagreb slang meaning 'bite,' and with all of the delicious dishes the restaurant has to offer, you'll surely be taking a whole lot of 'ficleks.'

As it's best to kick off your meal with a hearty soup, at Gostionica Ficlek, you’ll have the option to choose between four mouthwatering broths: a rich and creamy tomato soup; protein-packed beef soup (complete with handmade noodles); ajngemahtec, a vegetable-heavy vitamin stew enriched with chicken and dumplings; and Zagorska juha, named after the adjacent Zagorje region; a thick broth enriched with mushrooms, potatoes, ham, and bacon.

Zagrebački odrezak is among the restaurant's most popular main meals, which consists of a veal cutlet, delicately stuffed with in-house-cooked ham and melted cheese. Faširanci (authentic minced meat patties), served with parsley, and krpice sa zeljem (pasta with cabbage) are also top-rated dishes. 

Remember, all of the ingredients here are fresh and natural; most are procured each morning from the one-minute-away Dolac Market.


Noel is Zagreb's Michelin-starred gem.

The restaurant focuses on unique combinations - and presentations - plus raw ingredients, which, when paired with the delicious styles of local cuisine, makes it quite clear why Noel received a Michelin star.

At Noel, you can savour a la carte delights, such as traditional black pork with savoy cabbage, and flavourful, house-made beef tartare.

Their four-course or seven-course tasting menus will take you on a total dining journey, through the tastes of coastal Croatia, continental Croatia, and beyond. Add on the wine and cheese options for pure tastebud paradise.


Beštija, run by a couple from Hvar Island, is another top eatery in the city, blending all of the best elements of Croatian cuisine - from the Mediterranean to the continental. Both the restaurant's indoor and outdoor seating areas reflect an industrial-mod style, filled with light and a laid-back vibe.

The warmer seasons at Beštija bring more spring and summer-inspired dishes, such as fresh Adriatic fish, sizzled to perfection, and paired with a glass of Kopjar Cuvee, the house white wine from Croatia's Međimurje region.

As the warmer weather winds down, Beštija's seasonal menu will change accordingly as well, offering heartier and meatier dishes. If you want a light yet filling starter to ease you into the rest of your lunch or dinner, the goose liver pâté spread on toasted bread, topped with pistachio and pickled beetroot, is a scrumptious way to go.

The healthy Mediterranean diet is UNESCO-protected, after all, so a stop at Beštija will make your health tourism journey feel all the more complete.

SOI Fusion Bar

SOI Fusion Bar is uniquely located within the Swanky Mint Hostel complex, a hostel that doubles as one of the city's most spunky bars. Leafy decor, string lights, craft cocktails, and a rooftop pool make this one of the - you guessed it - swankiest places in town.

Croatian-inspired Asian fare is the name of SOI Fusion Bar's game.

This eatery is truly one of its kind, as it uniquely blends Asian fusion with almost fully local ingredients, making for incomparable dishes such as green curry, chicken katsu, pork gyoza, or tuna poke - with ingredients procured from Croatia's fields and sea.

Restaurant space is limited and its less than 10-main-meals-menu offers quality over quantity, and the level of originality is great.

Zrno Bio Bistro

Zrno Bio Bistro is the embodiment of the farm-to-table movement. The bistro has amassed a dedicated following from vegans and non-vegans alike, as it prides itself on 100% organic, local, and vegan food.

The bistro receives fresh batches of artisan sourdough bread, handmade tofu, pickled vegetables and other tasty produce every morning from its own Zrno, Croatia’s oldest organic farm.

Zrno Bio Bistro's talented kitchen staff present raw ingredients through appetizers such as yasai sticks, which are root and nightshade vegetable sticks served with a Japanese-style dip, main meals such as vegan udon noodles, and for dessert, a decadent chocolate temptation cake with melted chocolate and agave syrup.

For all-organic drinks to pair with your all-organic meal, their pumpkin spice latte made with pumpkin puree directly from Zrno farm is the perfect fall drink to keep you warm during colder days.

If you crave something a little stronger, the bistro's selection of wine and beer is 100% organic as well. Smoothies and shakes have got you covered in terms of taste and nutrients. For an autumnal twist, sip on the carnival smoothie, made with a blend of apples, apple juice, lemon, ginger, and cinnamon. 

Dobar tek - bon apetit!