Kraš Bonbonnière

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Approaching its centenary, one of the most famous brands in Croatia was renamed after an anti-fascist hero from World War II, Josip Kraš. The confectionery makers have since branched out from bonbons to produce wafers, tea biscuits, powders, sprinkles and cooking chocolates. Pride of place goes to Kraš' Bajaderas, sweets of exquisite almond-enriched almonds, all individually wrapped and oriental in flavour. Griottes have sour-cherry centres in dark chocolate coating. There are selection and souvenir boxes too. Ideal gifts but you may be tempted to dip in.


Venue name: Kraš Bonbonnière
Address: Zamanjina 2

Opening hours: 9am-7pm Mon-Sat
Transport: All buses to Old Town
Static map showing venue location