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Lega Lega
Lega Lega
Lega Lega
With the opening of boutiques in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Osijek-based design outfit Lega-Lega have become one of Croatia’s most visible brands. Their strength lies in producing simple things that people really use: T-shirts, stationery, drinks coasters and, erm, bicycle clips. Lega-Lega’s designs tend towards the colorful and playful, but also have a certain amount of built-in exclusivity: they usually only make a limited edition of each design, before moving on to something new. This summer’s Lega-Lega T-shirts are unlikely to be on sale next year.


Venue name: Lega Lega
Address: Dropćeva 3

Opening hours: 9am-7pm Mon-Sat
Transport: All buses to Old Town
Static map showing venue location