Zlokić Oil Press

Zlokic Oil Press
Zlokic Oil Press
Zlokic Oil Press
Zlokic Oil Press
Zlokic Oil Press
Zlokic Oil Press
On the eastern fringes of town, just off the main road to Blato and Korčula Town, the Zlokić Oil Press is an ideal place to get to grips with Vela Luka's growing reputation for top-quality olive oil. There's a museum display of olive presses through the ages, including some hard and heavy granite wheel-powered affairs that required a team of four men to turn. There's also the chance to taste local oils: Zlokić's principal blend is Velouje, made from the famously polyphemol-rich Lastovka olives that are unique to western Korčula. Zlokić also produce Velouško oil, made from olives that have been preserved the old-fashioned way (under seawater) rater than sent straight to the presses. Velouško oil loses a few of the health-giving natural substances common to other oils from the island, but has a highly individual taste.


Venue name: Zlokić Oil Press
Address: Vela Luka
Korčula Island

Opening hours: Varies/contact Vela Luka tourist office
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