Things to do, Festivals

‘Articulation’ is the name of a month-long event focusing on varied cultural fields in leafy downtown surroundings.

A recent addition to Zagreb’s events calendar, Artikuliranje (‘Articulation’) is very much early summer’s answer to Fuliranje, the wine-and-food-driven street party that takes place during Advent. Artikuliranje sees a similar collection of booths selling fancy local booze and nosh, only this time they are set up on Strossmayerov trg, a shrub-lined stretch of park that sits in the middle of the sequence of green squares running from central Zagreb to the train station. With the booths set out in a broad circle beneath the watchful gaze of Bishop Strossmayer (or rather Ivan Mestrović’s statue of him), it’s the perfect place to pull up a bar stool or sprawl on a nearby lawn. Central to the month-long event is the Artikuliranje series of early-evening cultural discussions, with a different artist/singer/designer interviewed live on stage every night. Live bands and a DJ see the evening out.