City in the Clouds – The Terraces of the Skyscrapers at Kozala / Grad među oblacima – terase nebodera na Kozali

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Open rooftop gardens of Rijeka's tower blocks

No other city on the Adriatic looks like Rijeka, its residential buildings climbing up the slopes of the nearby Dinaric alps as it has gradually expanded from its port and industry on the shoreline. Rijeka now has a beautiful but thoroughly modern vista, almost like a contemporary continental city which has been planted pre-built by the sea. Some of its largest residential buildings and offices pierce the sky, multiple floors of life and individual lives which are the very heart of Rijeka. In other coastal cities, such skyscrapers are hidden far from the eyes of visitors, their position, out-of-sight in distant suburbs creating an almost ghetto-like town structure and an 'us and them' barrier between residents and guests. Not in Rijeka. In Rijeka, such towers stand unabashed, central to the city, its people and its function. Integral spaces to everyday life, it has been proposed that this embrace should become even closer and, in a city lacking green spaces, that the roofs of such buildings should be utilised to build gardens, areas for socialising and special get-togethers, cultivation or even beekeeping. Primarily for use by local residents, these spaces are open to the public on occasion and this dedicated period extends that invitation with a series of events which will draw visitors to the rooftops of such buildings in the Kozala district. Come and get a unique view of urban Rijeka.


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