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Bruce Lipton

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Practice mind over matter with this two-day seminar by American biologist Bruce Lipton

Alternative science guru Bruce Lipton is the most recognisable face of a growing movement in the world of spiritual theory, epigenetics. Defined by a central theory that suggests genes can be altered by environmental factors beyond what modern science believes possible, Bruce propagates the idea that you can ‘reprogram your genes’ - put simply, it all comes down to mind over matter.

Bruce Lipton has appeared as a guest on high profile radio shows like the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and regularly travels around the world to deliver lectures on this new breed of experimental biology. In 2005, he published ‘The Biology of Belief’ a self-published introduction to epigenetics, which snagged an award for the ‘Best Science Book’ from USA Book News.

In Zagreb, the two-day lecture series will present a range of thoughts and ideas around his theory that ‘civilisation is on the threshold of a major evolutionary event, the emergence of a new giant super-organism called humanity.’ Lipton’s concepts are a reaction to global crises in health and psychology, in order to ‘create a genuine revolution in thought and understanding.’

The illustrated series of lectures takes place at The Student Centre, University of Zagreb, with radical seminar topics such as ‘New Physics: Good Vibes - Bad Vibes’ and ‘The Matrix… For Real’. Tickets range from €190 (early bird) to €550 (VIP). Book your place here.


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