Great things to do in Zagreb in July

Looking for things to do in Zagreb in July? We've cherry-picked the top events and attractions in the Croatian capital this month

There's plenty of things to do in Zagreb in July. The city basks in the heat of this mid-summer month, with festivals, concerts and culture blooming at every crossroad. You’ll find promenades to stroll down on balmy nights, and park festivals for entertainment on dazzling afternoons. While many succumb to the calling of the coast, the Croatian capital has its own magnetic pull - here are just a few great things going on this July.

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Outdoor Cinema at Tuškanac Summer Stage

Take advantage of Zagreb's warm evenings with a visit to Tuškanac Summer Stage. A man made amphitheatre, first opened in 1954, this much loved performance area was revamped in 2012. Claim a seat on one of the wooden benches, sit back and enjoy a film of your choice. Several different programs run until the end of July. From 9 – 15 there's the European Film Revue program. Highlights include 2017's much lauded gay coming of age drama, Call Me By Your Name (13 July), which is set within the beautiful backdrop of a family's 1983 summer holiday in northern Italy. In The Darkest Hour (14 July), Gary Oldman gives an award winning performance as Winston Churchill, refusing to consider a peace treaty with Hitler during Germany's advance through Europe. Nationalpolitics take an altogether more bizarre turn in Armando Iannucci's The Death Of Stalin (15 July). From 17 – 19 there's a warm up for Motovun Film Festival, before the venue takes part in Zagreb Film Festival 20 – 28 July. Palme d'Or winning 2017 satirical drama The Square, with its remarkable monkey mimicking, is shown on 21 and 28 July. On Friday 27, a rare treat, as 2017 Bosnian film Žaba is presented with English subtitles. In the movie, Zeko, a barber and ex-soldier suffering from PTSD, invites his brother and best friend for Eid festivities. But when he realizes his gambling, alcoholic brother has no intention of curbing his behaviour, Zeko tries to force him and things get out of hand. Based on a much loved, decade lo

Tuškanac Cinema , Zagreb Until Saturday July 28 2018

River Festival

Croatia is famous for its music festivals, rated as some of the best at the seaside in Europe. But being international affairs they might not best reflect Croatia's own clubbing efforts.Being located one and a half hours drive (or one hour 45 minutes by train - the best and easiest option for tourists) to the south west of Zagreb, River Festival is a bit of a trek. But we wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't worth it. At just three years old, River Festival is fast becoming the best annual event at which to experience Croatia's homegrown underground electronic music scene. Beginning at 2pm on Friday and finishing at 7pm on Sunday, the music barely stops at this secluded and beautiful riverside location. Deep house and underground techno come from what is genuinely the best of Croatia's DJ talent including, this year, Art Lentz, Bronski, Herya, Jakov Kolbas, Mimi and Sladoled from Zagreb, Borut Cvajner from Pula, Mario Pytzek from internationally recognised label Burek and homoerotic festival organising duo Tvrtko and Cujo. Take a tent or, like many, just rest beneath the shade of the trees, choosing between swimming in the river or playing games by day, and raving or watching the outdoor cinema at night (all films will be in English). Free drinking water is available to all, with beer, spirits and soft drinks available to buy. A different menu is in place each day including salads, tortillas, burgers and stews with vegans and vegetarians catered for. River Festival is noted f

Generalski Stol , Zagreb Friday July 20 2018 - Sunday July 22 2018

Iron Maiden

If you were a teenager in the last 40 years, there's a 50/50 chance that, at some point, you were an Iron Maiden fan. Raise those odds significantly if you're male. Whether your love for these British kings of heavy metal was retained or relapsed in the time since, this concert may well be worth visiting because Iron Maiden are renowned for putting on one hell of a live show. The band visit as part of their Legacy Of The Beast tour, a globe trotting two year exercise which begins with these pan European dates. Expect the operatic vocal style of Bruce Dickinson and the breakneck guitar assault of his cohorts to be accompanied by band mascot Eddie coming to life, a great light show and even more spectacular visual elements besides (we won't spoil the surprise). Of course you should also expect renditions of finely honed fan favourites such as 'Aces High', 'The Trooper', 'The Number Of The Beast' and 'Run To The Hills' too.   Find tickets on the link below:

Arena Zagreb , Zagreb Tuesday July 24 2018

Catherine the Great: Empress of all Russians

Galerija Klovićevi Dvori presents a rich array of objects and artworks from the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg - over a thousand items in all. The exhibition is devoted to one of the most powerful women in history, Catherine the Great, who founded the Hermitage in 1764. Featuring magnificent paintings by leading European artists like Peter Paul Reubens, official coronation portraits and items from the jewellery collection, you can also glimpse at the everyday life of the Empress, shown tellingly by jazzed-up quotidianitems like her gleaming gold cutlery set.

Galerija Klovićevi Dvori , Upper Town Until Saturday September 29 2018
Art Park

Art Park

Boundary-breaking art collective Pimp my Pump have teamed up with street art studio Lapo Lapo to turn a run-down urban park, located between Tomić street and Strossmayer promenade in the heart of Zagreb, into a vibrant open air museum. You can peruse the make-shift sculptures, watch the artists at work, or even get involved yourself. 


The Sixties in Croatia: Myth and Reality

It’s often thought that the cultural and political turbulence of the Sixties was something that happened in London, Paris, Prague or West-Coast USA, leaving other parts of the world to passively watch from the sidelines. What this major exhibition reveals is that countries like Croatia were not on the fringes of a revolution happening somewhere else, they were themselves at the centre of the whirlwind. Then a constituent republic of the communist-ruled Yugoslav federation, Croatia enjoyed an unprecedented economic boom in the 1960s. People had money in their pockets, feeding the kind of consumer industries that employed designers, marketing strategists, advertising executives and stylists – the very people we call “creatives” today. Cracks in communist discipline unleashed increased dissonance in political views and a relaxed attitude to censorship, while relative cultural freedom allowed avant-garde artists to explore any avenues they wanted. Navigating its way through politics, art, pop music and film, the exhibition is a lavish visual treat: examples of magazine layouts, clothing patterns and swanky domestic furniture will provide stacks of inspiration for anyone interested in modern design. Sudden shifts in lifestyles are signalled by exhibits such as the “Fića”, the Yugoslav-made version of the Fiat 600 that brought car ownership to the masses; a pair of Rifle jeans, the most popular purchase for Croatian shoppers popping over the border to Trieste; and arguably the mo

Museum of Arts & Crafts , Zagreb Tuesday July 17 2018 - Sunday September 30 2018

Zagreb Time Machine

From Spring until early Autumn, history consumes Zagreb. Zagreb Time Machine sees the city celebrate its heritage, with droves of enthusiasts donning fancy dress and performing in the street. Walking through the Upper Town, you might encounter Marija Juric Zagorka – the first female journalist in Croatia – or the poet Antun Gustav Matos. A newsboy will update you on local events, while the city guard will oversee your security. In the Zrinjevac park pavilion, in the centre of town, you’ll hear the strains of waltzes and tangos. A brilliantly, quirky way of bringing history to life.

Various venues in Zagreb , Zagreb Until Sunday September 30 2018

The Changing of the Guard

This popular ceremonial parade takes place every Saturday, Sunday and during bank holidays. Croatian soldiers in historical regalia set off from Banski dvori with another regiment departing from Kuševićeva ulica and along Cirilometodska accompanied by a military band. Kicking off at noon with the firing of the Grič cannon from Lotrščak Tower, the ceremony lasts around 10-15 minutes. The event forms a key part of the ‘Zagreb Time Machine’ season of historical recreations.

Various venues in Zagreb , Zagreb Saturday July 21 2018 - Sunday October 14 2018