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Great things to do in Zagreb in July

Looking for things to do in Zagreb in July? We've cherry-picked the top events and attractions in the Croatian capital this month

© Fumie Suzuki/Time Out

There's plenty of things to do in Zagreb in July. The city basks in the heat of this mid-summer month, with festivals, concerts and culture blooming at every crossroad. You’ll find promenades to stroll down on balmy nights, and park festivals for entertainment on dazzling afternoons. While many succumb to the calling of the coast, the Croatian capital has its own magnetic pull - here are just a few great things going on this July.

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Art Park

Art Park

Boundary-breaking art collective Pimp my Pump have teamed up with street art studio Lapo Lapo to turn a run-down urban park, located between Tomić street and Strossmayer promenade in the heart of Zagreb, into a vibrant open air museum. You can peruse the make-shift sculptures, watch the artists at work, or even get involved yourself. 


Lake Jarun

Zagreb may not be on the coast, but it does boast the stunning Lake Jarun - whose pebbly beaches and vibrant cafe culture are enough to convince you you're at the seaside. A short tram ride from the city centre, the lake (also, tellingly, called 'Zagreb sea') is the perfect spot for a hot summer's day. Here, you can sunbathe, splash around or make use of the ample sporting facilities.

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