Honey Days

Things to do, Food and drink events Spomen Dom , Pazin Friday February 28 2020 - Saturday February 29 2020
Honey Days
© Anatolii ZbyshkoHoney Days
Honey Days
© Udruga pčelara Lipa PazinHoney Days
Honey Days
© Udruga pčelara Lipa PazinHoney Days

Time Out says

15th edition of this annual celebration of beekeeping and honey

In recent years, a great global effort has begun to protect the bee population, which is fundamental to the pollination of many plants essential within the human diet. Aside from all the fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables that bees help us produce, they also make delicious honey and this event celebrates the huge wealth of varieties of honey made in the Istrian region. Istria is known throughout the world for its wine and olive oil and vineyards are dependant on bees as pollinators and so bees have always been highly-prized partners in the region's professional and home agricultural efforts. With a wealth of different flora and seasonal crops occurring throughout the Istrian peninsula, the region has a vast array of different types and flavour of honey. Beekeepers move their hives around different locations dependant on the season. In April, fruit honey is harvested, then in May it's the turn of dandelion honey, after which locust trees are sought out for the nomadic bees. In June, many hives are transferred to areas rich in chestnut trees, before beekeepers take their hives to the wildflower-rich areas of Gorski kotar, Kordun and Lika before being brought home in September. This event, which is the 1th annual occurrence of the showcase, is the best place to try all the different honeys produced and to buy some you can take home.


Venue name: Spomen Dom

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