1. Cetina River
    @ Icmil PereThe longest river in Dalmatia, Cetina runs 101 kilometres carving canyons along the way
  2. Zrmanja
    © Ivo PervanThe zooming river of Zrmanja carved stunning canyons into southern Croatia over the centuries
  3. St Ilija at Biokovo Mountain
    © Hrvoje SasekSt. Ilija peak on the Biokovo mountain range reaches 1642 metres in height
  4. Omiš
    © Omiš Tourism BoardOmiš is a crossing point for the Dinara mountain range and Cetina river
  5. Sljeme
    © Davor Đopar / Tomislavov DomZagreb's guardian, 1035-metre-high Mount Medvednica, in wintertime
  6. Park prirode Biokovo
    © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist BoardThe Biokovo mountain range, full of terrific treks, reaches 1762 metres in height
  7. Park prirode Učka
    © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist BoardUčka mountain is the 1400-metre-tall guardian of Istria and Kvarner
  8. Park prirode Žumberak
    © Samobor Tourist Board1181 metres at its peak, Žumberak Nature Park covers over 430 km² in northwestern Croatia and southeastern Slovenia
  9. National park Risnjak
    © Ivo Biočina / Croatian National Tourist Board1528-metre-high Risnjak mountain is part of the namesake national park
  10. Zrmanja River Canyon in Zadar county
    @ Boris KačanThe winding branches of the Zrmanja river's canyon in Zadar County
  11. Naturel Zrmanja Trail, Zrmanja River Canyon in Zadar county
    @ Treking ligaThe striking Zrmanja river canyon in Zadar County from below
  12. Zavizan Trail, National Park North (Sjeverni) Velebit
    @ Treking ligaA view from North Velebit National Park, which makes up 109 km² of the Velebit mountain range
  13. Trail in Croatia, Velebit mountain
    @ Treking ligaThe entire Velebit mountain range is Croatia's longest, spanning 150 metres in length
  14. Trail roads in Croatia by Treking liga
    @ Dejan Hren / Treking ligaA stone tower at the top of Učka mountain offers views of the surrounding hills and Adriatic sea
  15. Trail roads in Croatia, Velebit
    @ Treking ligaThe Velebit mountain range explodes with greenery in the springtime
  16. Mali ston
    @ Ivo BiočinaThe Pelješac peninsula is dotted with hills and mountains, as seen in the town of Mali Ston (pictured)
  17. Aerial view at Split town from fortress in place Klis
    @ dreamer4787 Located near Split, Klis fortress sits between the mountains of Mosor and Kozjak
  18. Aerial panoramic view of the old town of Dubrovnik with famous Cable Car on Srd mountain
    @ jakobradlgruber A delightful view of Dubrovnik, as seen from 412-metre-high Mount Srđ
  19. Beautiful Valley of the Roski Waterfall at Krka National Park
    @ Carolin Jahn The canyon of the Roški Waterfall at Krka National Park
  20. Bridge to Vir island and the Velebit mountain on background
    @ Viliam MuchaThe bridge to Vir island provides picture-perfect views of the Velebit mountain range
  21. Cetina river canyon and mouth in Omis view from above, Dalmatia region
    @ xbrchx From Omiš, see the Cetina river canyon where - the river flows into the Adriatic
  22. High mountains in croatia seaside
    @ Zvonimir Atletic The Velebit mountain range cloaked with fog on a fall morning
  23. Croatian mountain landscape, region Gorski kotar, Lokvarsko lake with Risnjak mountain in background
    @ ilijaa Risnjak mountain towers behind Lokvarsko lake in the region of Gorski Kotar
  24. Extreme mountains in Paklenica National Park, Velebit
    @ Andrej SafaricPaklenica National Park covers 95 km² of intertwining mountains and canyons
  25. Goli Otok Island In Velebit Channel
    @ dbajurin Goli Otok island sits at the foot of the Velebit mountain range
  26. Gorski kotar, lake Lepenica, green forest and mountain landscape
    @ ilijaa Lepenica lake in Gorski Kotar offers lovely views of Croatia's most mountainous region
  27. Great Paklenica canyon national park in Velebit mountain
    @ Vaclav VolrabPaklenica National Park's Great canyon from below
  28. Island of Vir fortress ruins with Velebit mountain in background, Dalmatia
    @ xbrchx Surreal views of a ruined fortress ruins on Vir island and the Velebit mountain range in the background
  29. Kalnik mountain ridge and old fortress ruins aerial view, Prigorje region
    @ xbrchxThe region of Zagorje's Kalnik mountain peaks at 642 metres
  30. Wind power plant turbines on Velebit mountain
    @ xbrchxWind power plant turbines dot the Velebit mountain range
  31. View of Zlatni Rat beach from Vidova Gora, Brac
    @ Janajanina 778-metre-tall Vidova Gora is the highest peak on its home island of Brač
  32. View of Mrzla vodica lake and Risnjak mountain, Gorski kotar
    @ ilijaa View of Risnjak mountain from Mrzla Vodica lake in the region of Gorski kotar
  33. View from a Risnjak, Snjeznik peak
    @ Alan ČaplarThe view from Snježnik peak, Gorski Kotar's second highest at 1505 metres
  34. Krka National Park
    @ Susy Baels The limestone Krka canyon in its namesake National Park
  35. Krka National Park. The river at the bottom of the picturesque canyon
    @ Vladislav Zhukov The Krka river flowing through the gorgeous canyon of the same name
  36. Velebit mountain landscape near Tulove Grede, Dalmatia
    @ xbrchx The rocky and often arid landscape of the Velebit mountain range
  37. Tulove Grede (Tule beams), rocky limestone massif located in the Velebit Nature Park
    @ Viliamm The statuesque Tule beams of the Velebit mountain range as seen from a distance
  38. The Žumberak mountain range's Plesivica hills during springtime
    @ xbrchx
  39. Papuk is the largest mountain in the Slavonia region in eastern Croatia, near the city of Požega
    @ Ante Cerovečki953-metre-tall Papuk is the largest mountain in the Slavonia region
  40. Cikola river canyon cliffs at inland Dalmatia in Croatia
    @ dbajurin The limestone cliffs of the Cikola river canyon in the Dalmatian hinterland
  41. Starigrad Paklenica and Velebit mountain view, Lika
    @ xbrchx At certain points, the stretching Velebit mountain range appears to melt into the Adriatic sea
  42. The 1339-metre-tall Mosor mountain makes up part of the Dinaric mountain range near Split
    © Grzegorz KordusThe 1339-metre-tall Mosor mountain makes up part of the Dinaric mountain range near Split

In pictures: 42 photos of Croatia's marvelous mountains and canyons

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Written by
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Lara Rasin

The landscape of Croatia is every nature lover's dream. It changes from mountain ranges along the coast across endless flatland fields to canyons carved from winding rivers - and much more in between. Take an online trek with our gallery of Croatia's marvelous mountains and canyons.

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